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five boys
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hello! amy (buxiban/gina) here and it’s been who knows how long since i’ve made one of these (i mean that literally i cannot find my first follower forever >__<) but i hit my next k and i want to highlight some of the amazing friends+senpais that have kept me on this site for three years OTL. you should honestly follow every single one of these blogs because i can be rather picky since it’s hard to find people who post graphics but these are all koala tea k :D

amigonewareumdown | astrospace | baektaeng | baexlo | blingerishblueous | btseokbyunghunedbyunghunnybwihope | chandonut | chesuyoon | chikwangdaedreamingalldae | dahees | dewusional | dokyungs | doujinssifansoofluffybap | g-y-ugkachugyuuri | hakyeone | hakyeunshobikiu | hojourn | homilks |  hoyeu | hseokiejeongmean | jihoopsjongbyung | jungkooks | jungtaekgoon | kiss-seopkrisimnida | kwangtronic | kyungsoonata | leftchopstick04leobeans | lhoelittleshitsoo | lockedaces | marktuonmilklu | moonjongupsmyungbabes | myyeolie | naeums | nawonnnielips | nhyung | noctorn | pilsukspitdaepyojamasrxkhyun | ryoue | sehunetc | shinspirit | sighjongs | sugassugashutaenuts | thecaptainbeagle | ukehuns | wealthyhousewife |  what-is-a-luhan | woojiseoks | wooktao | xi-aolu | xiao-xianxiahetic | yadoongyijeongs | yghigh | ziminz

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fem!baekhyun/fem!kyungsoo | nc-17 | 5,721 words
warnings: genderswitch, use of toys, mentions of christianity (idk if it needs a warning but anyway), not beta’d
summary: her mother sends her to sunday school with the intention of baekhee becoming closer to god, but she only becomes closer to the perfect do kyungsoon.
a/n: fill for a prompt at exopromptmeme!


i like the internet bc people actually think im cute 

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I used to be nice, soft and tender but if I keep going crazy like this
Because of you – I’ll change into something strong

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Anonymous moaned:
can you pretty please make a pastel chen graphic?^^

yeah someone just asked me for a chen graphic as well so i’m just going to combine these two (or three?) requests

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Such a beautiful place it is, to be with friends.

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does anyone else feel like tumblr is a waste of your time but you just can’t stop spending 90% of your life on it

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